Trusted links

When I created this site, I didn't want to add "good" list.
I only wanted to warn you against dishonest sellers.
Unfortunately reality changed that because 70% mails I got was with requests about real sites.

On beginning I was sick of losing money, now I'm tired of answering those mails... So I want to see if that's gonna help you choose well.
Personally I'm sure that those sites are legit but I need to warn you anyway - not always you're gonna get your thing on time and not always it's gonna be 100% as promised. But the most important - you don't lose your money.

The Secret Market - http://secrlfgkzc7cgmzvjvscdccj6gqkdisfan7slrrwicribmbxo6v6uwid.onion/ - The king of markets, you can find cards, money transfers, money counterfeit, gift cards, and the best is that your money is protected with escrow, market free of scammers

CC Quality Vendor - http://ccqvendwbimh6jlzbkrr75wl7kno3nd36wvalk3vefoysy2a4r6zb4yd.onion/ - It offers wide variety of products including carding services, transfers or paypal accounts. Payment of course in Bitcoins.

Multiescrow - http://multjv5jdmabjgq75vbxjoepgby3fet6kzcr6crwjomjf5zb3gwxplyd.onion/ - Escrow site, it will help you if you want to try a unknown store

DrugsBay - http://dbayuapytcowfz2nnfik3jayno4njibl45t77r3eartihtq6igtaqtqd.onion/ - The best market to buy drugs on the darknet

Cash is King - http://cashparrguzebttm7sv5zzcnudukqpbabbjqmfxelesi2t4tdtcsvpqd.onion/ - try this site its real money sold for a fraction.

Last updated: 19.06.2022

This list will grow with your help... We are dark-family so we need to help ourselves!