Welcome to site of scam

Dear Hackers/Scammers!

I know that every day you send hundreds of megabytes and you try to destroy my site but only thing you can do is to destroy one link. I'm gonna fight with you forever and I fucking hate you. DDoS can stop us for a while but you won't stop the whole community. FUCK YOU!

Write on this e-mail to get not-DDoSed Scam List mirrors: torthescamlist@secmail.pro
Save those mirror links if the site goes down or works slowly:


Some time ago, in my stupidity, I tried to make several transactions on the Dark Internet.
And you know how many times I was deceived?
- 6 freaking times. I think that this is already too much.

That is why I created this website so that you can check out if the product or service your are about to buy is really true or just another scam. The dark web is a tool to be safe, anonymous and hidden on the web where the government don't see everything you do.

So before you order or buy, take a minute and check my list. If the onion site or person is listed on SCAM LINKS LIST, then that people is about to steal your money and you should to think twice whether you want to lose your money. I add only verified scam-sites, with proofs of scams so I'm sure about it.

This list is no where complete and it never will, but together we can constantly supplement it.
If you have been scammed by someone, and this site isn't listed here, submit the site or the person using the

If you are legit seller and you have proofs for that or you are a buyer and want to recommend some site (and you have REAL proofs, not screenshot emails, fake photos, etc...) you can also write to me and in that case I'm gonna add you to VERIFIED SITES. If you are scammer and you offer me even $100 000 for deleting your site or add to verified - don't waste your and my time. Now after finding legit sellers I don't need your money - Honor and God are more important to me.

Thank you!